Monday, December 23, 2013

Blender 3D Mobile Enemy Plane Modelling & UV Map

Showing how to Model and UV Map a bit complicated plane for running on iOS, Android Devices using Bender 3d with Gamekit.
1. Insert your design as blender3D back ground
2. Create wing using box. Put mirror modifier. Then extrude the side face. Adjust nods on the way to form the shade. Finalize mirror modifier when finishes.
3. Create a cylinder and use extrude scale on the way to create fuselage and engines.
4. Repeat to do the back wing, join components together and give it name
5. Now to unwrap the model for texturing. Go to side ortho view and press 'B' to box select the under side half of the plane. Remove Top of wing faces from selection by Press 'Shift' and mouse right button.
6. Change to top view. Then click unwrap and use project from view.
7. Move the UV map for giving spaces for other parts' uv map.
8. Unwrap other parts of the plane
9. Overlap 2 sides of rudder for easier texturing in future.
10. export the uv map. open in Gimp2 or PhotoShop, paint plane skin
11. load image into Blender3d Texture. and Set the coordination as UV.
12. Select shadeless, for constant colouring.

13. Testing on Android and iOS, Check my other post / youtube for how to do this.

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