Friday, August 23, 2013

Blender 3d Gamekit Touch Move Android Tutorial

Following last tutorial, background moving, as moving direction is wrong, we need to fix it first.
1. Rotate camera and change motion direction in game logic editor.
2. Adjust plane shape.
3. Cut seam line on the plane model. And generate uv map.
4. Export uv map as image file.
5. Open uv map in gimp2 to paint the texture.
6. Save image and load into Blender
7. Apply texture to plane. And verify in 3d view.
8. Creat txt file. Name it OnInit.lua and put some global variables/parameters. So later on if we want to change something globally, we can easily find them. This script will be called automatically when game starts.

--Global variable
    --set touch move parameters
    Sensitivity = 0.005
    --invert = -1 -> is inverted
    Invert = 1


9. Create txt file called planeTouchMove.lua and put following code......
scene = OgreKit.getActiveScene()
play = scene:getObject("plane")

--display mouse movement for debug
--dPrintf("---xrel: " .. mouse.xrel)
--dPrintf("---yrel: " .. mouse.yrel)
--dPrintf("---xrel + yrel: " .. mouse.xrel+mouse.yrel)

--using threshold to filter out unwanted small touch movement
if ((mouse.xrel>Threshold or mouse.xrel<-Threshold)or(mouse.yrel>Threshold or mouse.yrel<-Threshold)) then
      play:translate(-(mouse.yrel) * Sensitivity * Invert,-(mouse.xrel) * Sensitivity * Invert,0)
      dPrintf("---xrel: " .. mouse.xrel)
      dPrintf("---yrel: " .. mouse.yrel)
     dPrintf("no movement")


What does this do is measuring mouse movement. And pass it to the plane. It uses sensitivity and invert variables defined in the onInit.lua file to adjust the movement. And use threshold to filter out unwanted tiny figure movement.

10. Go to plane game logic and create sensor mouse + movement and click the positive pulse "..." button, it is the first to the left.

11. In game logic link sensor with lua script.
12. Pack content and save file.
13. Test on desktop.
14. Copy the blender file into android project asset folder.
15. Open eclipse and android Gamekit file.
16. Refresh asset folder and goto to change file name to the one just copied.
17. Connect android device to desktop
18. In eclipse save and run.

blender file is available at:

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