Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to do Background Rolling On Mobile Device Using Blender & Gamekit

This demo showing how to create a rolling background as seen on arcade platform 2D/2.5D games using blender3D and gamekit. at the end test on a real android device Nexus 7.
Following are the Steps:
1. Create a 'mesh plane' rectangular as background
2. Move and Rotate Camera
3. Import pre-modelled Plane
4. Add shadeless material to background
5. Unwrap UV,1024 x 1024
6. export UV image
7. stitch background image on UV map in photoshop or gimp2
8. save the image
9. load image into texture under material
10. add game logic to camera and airplane
11. pack external data in file and save file
12. test on blender gamekit add-on using desktop
13. copy file into gamekit android package asset folder eclipse, change the file name reference in the file
15. connect nexus 7 and run the test.

the blender file can be download at

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